I had to turn things around. For the last four years August has been remembered by signifying the biggest argument I have ever been involved in, my hospitalisation and sudden departure from Ireland, of which I have never returned. Hence, the last few years have brought on a post traumatic like reaction which I needed to change.

August was always the month I cared least for. Sandwiched between school ending and starting it held no purpose for me except to feel bored, lonely and attend extra ballet lessons (boo) I would spend much of my time reading and writing whilst simultaneously impatiently wishing it over. This year I will succeed with turning August around by coming to terms with my traumatic past and counting down until school begins like I used to when I were small. 

This year I am confident and feeling strong that those times are behind me. I thank God for my friends and family without whose support I would not be here. This is all I hope to say on the subject as I no longer wish to associate August with anything other than sunny days. 

Hopefully I have turned August around, happy tsuguA


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