Ibiza Colour Splash

A wave of depression threatens to crash down upon me, I refused to be sucked under and headed to one of my favourite spaces; The Face Painting Shop. I have been a customer of theirs for years and although it is a slight journey out for me, this place has been a key factor in bringing me back together, as once inside I smile, the wave retreats back, and the sun shines brightly again. 

I am addicted to colourful things and I love colour around me. Surprisingly my bedroom is all white with a few splashes of colour here and there for effect. I guess that is true of my personality, I’m vanilla really – studious, hardworking and boring. Ocassionally there is a splash of colour and these are usually found in my creative pursuits. 

You must all know by now that I head off as much as I can to Ibiza a.k.a the White Isle, an island like most others I guess – vanilla. Stunningly beautiful, with sleepy, friendly locals, a no rush small island way of life and completely surrounded by sparkling sea. Ibiza’s splashes of colour are found in the people that gather annually to revel, grow spiritually and experience a different way of life and that includes me. I bring my own unique palette of colours each time I travel, so on this day where I woke unhappy, I know that a trip to my favourite shop to stock up on colours to bring to my favourite place is just what I need. 

Inside I look around, the place is unbelievable. Part wholesalers, part training venue, a real curiosity shop for those who are creative. I have decided to check out a new brand today as I mostly paint flowers and have begun mixing my own combinations together for a more realistic result. I am on my knees on the bottom shelf when a lady walks in. ‘Hello, I’d like my face painted please’ Nat’s Mum is serving and apologises but they do not paint faces as this is a wholesalers. The lady is perplexed, she looks around ‘Oh! it’s just I have a party to attend and I need my face done..’ Nat’s Mum points at me, ‘The Gold Glitter Girl might be able to help you’. I wave over, the lady comes over and explains that she’s attending the party of a DJ and wants to be painted ‘Ibiza Style with glitter’ I smile. ‘You’ve come to the right person then, I’m the Ibiza Gold Girl’. We exchanged details and arrange to meet.

I am back on the floor when a teenage girl walks in flanked by her Parents. The girl commences shoving paint rapidly into a basket. Her Mother is getting annoyed and asks repetitively if she needs three greens, I eavesdrop as I too would like to know. In the usual teenage fashion she retorts back to leave her alone, she knows what’s she’s doing – anyone familiar with a teenager knows that this is teenage speak for I haven’t a clue. Her Father quickly rebuffs her and as he is only along as obligatory ‘wallet’ duties she better be nice or it all goes back on the shelf. I laugh, I’m still as cheeky to my own Bank of Dad Manager and his trusty Clerk, my Mother. The parents tell me that Shanara (beautiful name) has offered to paint at a charity event on Monday. Shanara is doing GCSE Art in school is very talented but has not face painted before – oh dear! 

An hour later and Shanara has a basketful of essential products, I have shown her some quick designs and painted her arm. Her parents are delighted and I feel amazing. 

On the train home I know I needed this day. Changes to my life have begun. Splashes of colour are leaving their colourful marks on me, there is no time for dark days and depression only brightly coloured Ibizan splashes. 


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