Cloud Kisses

The day had barely begun but he was already looking forward to going home. Today would be another long day. He yawned, pulled his scarf up around his ears and adjusted the volume on his phone as he watched the highlights of last nights game.

The train hurtled through nameless villages and towns, he was bored. Sighing he looked out the window.

Two planes crossed the early morning autumn sky. Two piercing plumes interrupted the blue haze leaving an x of white behind them. Two fat, fluffy soft lines of billowing smoke stood proudly out against a periwinkle backdrop.

As the train came to a stop he looked up and noticed the crisscrossed sky and thought of her. She loved the quiet mornings. She would be gazing out of her window looking for signs that today would be a good day.

She would wake up, see it and smile. She would make a wish upon it, say a prayer for the needy or blow a kiss and hope it travelled on a magical breeze to find him wherever he would be.

He smiled thinking of her. Today would be a good day he decided as the white trails in the sky dissipated. He closed his eyes, saw her face and in the early morning silence. He made a wish and hoped that somewhere, wherever she was waking, that she could hear it.

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