A little bit in Love with you

I had a dream I accidentally said ‘Love you!’ as Blue left my new apartment. We both froze, I in mortification, he in embarrassment for me. I hadn’t meant it like that, I regularly throw a Love ya out to people I know, it’s just what I say, I just hadn’t quite said it around Blue yet. I call my little sister in the dream and she laughs so hard mocking me. ‘Awww does he now know you’re a little bit in love with him?’ She cackles. I squeal back a refute, looking around to see if anyone can hear, blushing madly. I laugh. My sister knows me, everyone knows me, I fall a little bit in love with everyone I like because, well, if I’m not a little bit in love with ya then I don’t really like ya!

I think about this all day, about the word love, how much I say love, Love or Looooove – WordPress friends you know this kind of love!!

Like for me is not enough. I like the mundane but love is reserved for the brilliantly fabulous.

Am I embarrassed about falling a little bit in love with the people I meet? I think about this year, people like the Dutchman, Mindfump, Kate, Beryl, a comedienne with pink hair and now Blue. Why not? These are fabulous people, these are people to treasure.

A couple of months back I read a poem and I fell a little bit in love with the verse, I read some more and I began to tumble slowly through the clouds as my heart resonated with each one. I gently drifted off each time I visited the site, my heart racing, stopping, lifting and occasionally mourning as I read the offering of the day. These were the words of authorchrisbrown these are words I love.

I casually enquiried if could print them off one evening during the summer, sure he says, so I do. I decide to go one better, I place the words from Simple Truth on watercolour paper and add a few flowers around the sides, I pop it into a frame and surround it with crystals. I am more than a little bit in love with Simple Truth and if I ever feel embarrassed about feeling this way I need only read it as my own heart loves no matter what

Much Love to Chris Brown

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