Workshop #2

Possessing a decent lexicon and the ability to vocally express myself I am shocked to note how much I use my hands to speak. The hands circle wildly as I describe things by wiggling my fingers and miming.

My classmates and I are still learning about each other so as my emotive, spiralling mind tumbles from my mouth I pray that I am understood and not letting myself down.

Recently I feel more than can express. Vivid images combine with my clairaudience, a sensation that is somewhat overwhelming.

We are to share our work, critique and discuss what we have read. After the hand waving, I sit, panicking, hoping that I have contributed a worthwhile observation to the discussion, after all, I have done my homework.

I tell Yaz to cut half the words from the second stanza of her third poem, she doesn’t need them, crank up the intensity I say, my hands gesture over – come on, give it to me! She gets it. She gets me. Hopefully they all will soon. There are some things I really understand, describing a feeling is one of them. I spend as much time as they do trying to recapture and write out my feelings and my hands are just trying to tell you that I felt what you felt too

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