Snakeskin Shedding

Lie low. Be still. Let in happen

Life goes on, sing a new song. Evolving

Thinking of Blue, still feeling a fool. Life is cruel. Evolving

Travel underground

Hiding, making no sound

Wait to be found


Hope blows across the breeze

Heart begins to unfreeze

Dreams make no sense, question existence, expanding

Unfurl, curl. Unfurl, curl. Expanding

Unfurl. Expand.

Cast off.


** For My Friend Wardy, Thank You for putting up with me over the last few miserable weeks – Love & Light **

6 thoughts on “Snakeskin Shedding

  1. how beautiful but how sad …. development, impatience, doubt, fear? … development could be so beautiful … poor snake, who has to hide. But dreams, remind you, always make sense!

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  2. I’m touched, Goldie. This is beautiful! I love both metaphors, shedding skin and setting sail, growth and movement. Thank you!
    But honestly, you were no trouble. 😉❤

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