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I love that noise, the WordPress notification chime. It is going off in the background as I type. I am casually chatting to Jake from irrecollections trying not to inhale his blog in one sitting, yet thinking there nothing better to do on this freeze-balls saturday – oh wait I just remembered my team are playing … oh F*ck Yeah! .. we’ve beaten Chelsea whoop whoop! We’re still pretty shitty but hey-ho, enjoy the small wins in life. Which takes me nicely onto my review of a fellow bloggers collection of dark short stories Pills.

If you are not already following Jack Binding feel free to leave this page and press the Follow button, please do come back though!! Having come across Jack I think on Mindfump, if I’m shamelessly plugging then let me include my lil Bro who also wrote a book that is available on Amazon right now. Hmmm thinking back it may not have been Mindfump at all but Sara in la la land, yes I think that is where I found Wardy , Cristian Mihai and Ken Hallett‘s wonderful work.  Chris Brown found me, as did Flash 365 and who knows why the Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha likes my work but anyway back to Jack who releases his book just as I am about to commence my Master Programme and no time to read. I download a free short story called Property and it blows my mind, actually suckerpunches me and despite wanting more I message him to let him know that when I have the time I promise to buy and read the book. That time came last Sunday when fed up of looking at my assignment and wanting to read something less superfluous than my own words I press download and Buy Pills 

I message Jack in the morning, Ive swallowed a whole load of his pills and I fear my life will never be the same again … I am brilliantly inspired, awe struck and just so happy to have known about it. All I want is more, more, more.  Pills is well paced, exciting and extremely observant. Dispensing gothic horror, mania, monotony, creepy grossness, desire and humour into 18 short doses I was enthralled. Trust me – BUY.THIS.NOW

Next week in class we will discuss publishing. My little sister keeps demanding an answer to if I will publish a book when I graduate, it seems writing for fun or blogging is a baby step to her. Right now I am happy as an avid reader of other peoples work. I am delighted to recommend all of the above awesome writers and really have no desire to make a collection of my depressing yet hopeful memoirs. I will work on them during the course of my programme and I will be asking the mentioned above plus any others who would care, to take a look and let me know their thoughts.

I am so proud of us all for continuing to put our work out and put smiles on faces. I am so grateful to the people I have met on this wonderful platform and as always, I encourage you to keep writing. Now I am off to sip the Morning Coffee and maybe take a trip back to start of What Happened When Frank Died … oh how I miss my little Flash instalments … Happy Saturday to you all, Happy Reading.

(( I hope all these hyperlinks work lol x))

15 thoughts on “Brilliant Bloggers & Recommendations

  1. Thanks for the shout out. ‘Brilliant’ isn’t quite the word I’d use, but I’ll gratefully take it.

    I hardily agree with this list though. Jack, the Flash 365 boys, Sara–all are fun reads.

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    • No Problems Im mental busy and forgot to write the review after recommending you to my MA class and telling they that they MUST write one oh dear!! I cannot wait until the summer when I will be rereading the book again – Amazing – Looooved it!!!!!!!

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      • I very much look forward to reading more of your brilliant work 🙂 The MA is Tough so it’s inspirational to see others really ‘doing it’ – helps to keep the eye on the prize. I also highly recommend as you’re doing YOU and you do it well, I can only hope that one day someone reads my work and is as impressed as I am with your little twisted tales 🌟

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