Huff Post UK, Michelle Obama, infertility, IVF & miscarriage

In 2015 when I began this blog I felt broken and useless, that I were a ghost living on the fringes of society; childless, hopeless and hurt. I didn’t want to share my experiences but hated the thought of other women struggling with endometriosis, uterine cancer or any other invisible illness causing infertility.
The Cuckoo Mama piece made me smile today and I realise how far I’ve come. Sharing is caring, I hope you enjoy

The Cuckoo Mama

When Huff Post UK approached me to write a piece on Michelle Obama, miscarriage and IVF, I was completely honoured, overwhelmed and scared; I desperately wanted to give this courageous revelation the words it so rightly deserved. And so, I did what I do, and began to write.

I think I cried through every sentence.

Experiencing miscarriage, after IVF, felt like the cruellest hand to ever be dealt, by life. We’d waited for years, spent thousands of pounds and suffered mercilessly with back to back cycles of invasive, undignified and unsuccessful treatments. Seeing that second line, on a pregnancy test, finally appear, was what it had all been about.

The fact that life could be so brutal and happiness so fragile rocked at the foundations of everything I had ever known.

However, just six weeks later, I underwent a frozen, double embryo transfer and became pregnant, with twins. Yet again…

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