Brené Brown saves the day

I’m so mad at my Manager. I’m mad because she doesn’t know me. She’s using my illness as weakness but I’m strong. I’m SUPER FUCKING STRONG!

My manager sent me six links to pseudo holistic crap about thinking positively which annoyed me and continues to do so all weekend so I send her a link to Brené Brown’s Vulnerability.

I internally scream: Do you know how much hard work I’ve put into myself? I stopped being mad right there.

Brené Brown researches shame and vulnerability. I love her. We speak the same language. Brené helps me wave my freak flag because vulnerability is the hardest of all. This is my vulnerable space. I tell all. I courageously put it all out there because I know in this vulnerability I become more courageous and I let go of shame.

I am one of the bravest people you will ever meet. I take courageous steps every step of the way but I am ashamed to be brilliant. I make myself small and fuck my life up for myself. I talk down my achievements and things I do well. I let opportunities go by and I’m afraid to challenge injustice.

My manager takes advantage of this. It ends now. The time has come for me to step into my full potential – the time is now. Brené Brown is my girl. I cannot keep listening to her and letting the shame take over.

I want to be happy and feel the joy. I want to be courageous. I want to be fully accepting of myself – all of myself

Xx Be Fearless my Friends xX

I urge you to check out Brené if you are not familiar with her work – Vulnerability is the most viewed Ted talk

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