Obre los Ojos

A few weeks ago I was Jesus shamed for my beliefs. I had casually asked a coworker which astrological star sign she was when she held up her palm to my face and said ‘I don’t believe in that, I believe in Jesus!’ I was so embarrassed I sat quietly unable to speak for a while and I momentarily questioned my beliefs.

I do believe in Jesus, I love Jesus, he was a man who knew and taught many things but I am sure he wouldn’t persecute me for disengaging from Catholicism for not supporting a religion who tortured and murdered others for three hundred years during the Spanish Inquisition for practicing what they believed.

Jesus believed in love and light. He believed in meditation and manifestation, and most importantly he believed in love. I believe the same. I also believe in the procession of the planets, that we are part of a moving system and contribute to the life force of all things as we are walking balls of energy. Energy cannot die although it can diminish. Jesus knew this and that is why he told us to shine. He teaches us to be powerful and use our powers. Words like Touch, Heal and Share are used. Jesus connected to the masses bringing messages from above … some days he sounds like a far-out, long haired hippy, psychic, reiki healer to me but that’s for another time.

I have vanilla sky dreams, Philip K Dick ones too. I would love to openly discuss beliefs in an adjustment team or in cryogenics but other people’s beliefs stop me from doing that. I say live and let live. Scientology affects me in no way except through the entertainment of a Tom Cruise film.

Obre los ojos (open your eyes) is one of my absolute favourite films and was remade into Vanilla Sky at Cruise’s request. Last night I stayed up late to watch it and as always when it ended my head was full of questions:

  • Can we cheat our destiny?
  • Would I want to wake up fifty years in the future after being frozen to live again or am I forgetting that we reincarnate anyway?
  • What does heaven look like to me, does it have a Van Gogh style inky midnight sky or a vanilla one?
  • I stayed awake for longer than I’d wanted, head full of swirls. I wondered why my beliefs would upset another but then I realised that beliefs are embedded into our identity. I do not wish to be associated with the Vatican who control others yet there are people who believe they are ‘good’ because they follow the Vatican’s instruction and obey.
  • I woke up wishing I had someone to talk to. Some amazing things are happening to me, signs that everything is going to be ok, well, that is what I believe

    “I’ll see you in another life when we are both cats”

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