Rest, Relaxation & Reiki

I’m staring at some dying roses in a vase on my windowsill. They’re absolutely stunning and I refuse to throw them away until the leaves fall off. They make me smile. This is me right now, I do what makes me happiest.

I’ve been spending most of my time inside this year and it has nothing to do with self quarantine, I just prefer to be alone these days. Ive been feeling increasingly menopausal and instead of talking to others, googling or getting panicked about it I’ve done very little. Instead I chose to rest and relax; then had reiki.

After decades long battles with my health I am no more in the know than when I started. Last year I had a MRI, internal and ultrasounds scans and full blood screening. I was discharged from oncology and sent to the surgeons to stitch up my umbilicus – they never contacted me! Unperturbed I got on with things and decided to stress less and enjoy life more. My symptoms lessened as I changed jobs and embraced a new phase of my life.

I have been having reiki forever and decided to become attuned a while ago. Part of my meditations now include healing myself and resting. I cannot say enough on getting proper rest or being in a relaxed state but it’s definitely helped.

The resting had brought up issues I’ve not properly dealt with so I’ve booked in with my therapist to discuss the menopausal episodes and changing routine. I woke up last night ripping my clothes off in a heated panic attack but managed to go back to sleep and woke up feeling ok. I’m managing it, I still need help so I’m getting some.

This is all I can do right now. To be honest I’m secretly loving all the rest. For an insomniac being in such a relaxed state is divine.

Reiki is a connection to life force or energy source. Reiki practitioners are conduits of this energy and pass it on through hands or intention. Watch this video to receive reiki for love/energy healing by Grand Master Lourdes Lebron

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