Struck down by lightening

I’m trying hard to stay upbeat but I’m flat on my back and in a lot of pain. I’ve been a little down but getting lots of rest and entertaining myself watching the world go into mass hysteria. Pffft! Corona, mate I’ve got endometriosis.

Because I’ve not been feeling well this week I’ve not been to the shops and I’ve been informed that there is no toilet paper to be found. Mass hysterical hoarding oh dear! I’ve bigger problems my umbilicus hurts.

I’ve no energy to go outside. Lightening strikes me and I feel sick. I’m drowsy and lethargic. I read two pages and suddenly I’m asleep again.

I’m not stressed out, I’m doing ok. My mind wanders to the people who are self quarantining and how boring it would be. I want to get outside, run, jump and do fun things but I’m in pain.

Endo pain is worse than toothache (is that possible?) I feel awful. I have a comedy on in the background there’s nothing better than laughter. I’m hoping that as the year rolls out the lightening will strike less and less. I hope.

2 thoughts on “Struck down by lightening

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