Mars at Home

Mars the god of war has returned home and will stay in the celestial placement of Aries for the next few months. I love it. As if a fire was lit beneath me I shot up late last week with vigour and energy and yes, a fierce aggression. Mars the planet associated with our animalistic impulsions, with actions, woke me up from my locked-down funk.

It’s time to get going. I purchase a new journal, coloured pens and a few more items that make me happy. My new attitude helps to begin new projects and set new intentions. I feel confident and ready.

Mars at home tells you to take action, catapult yourself forward with vigour and let your sexual energy take over – without letting anyone fuck with you! The god of war is a master of destruction and violence who rages head first into battle without thought so be warned. Use this time to assert your natural compulsions.

~ check where Mars appears on your natal chart, is it in its home of Aries or in another sign? My Mars is in Leo so yes, the confidence is shining through me, I’m strutting around with the big mane and feeling super sexy. Like Leo I’m attending to the jobs that make me happy and snoozing past the others. I’m very happy to be single and at home right now, however, don’t piss me off as I will bite your head off! Have fun with Mars, with Love & Light ~

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