I wake feeling slightly better than yesterday 
but then the post-lady delivers me more bills to pay
I have no milk and the longer I think
my mood rapidly begins to sink

Is this snakes and ladders I play? 
Always back at the start I stay
never passing go on my merry-go-round
never collecting 200 of the great British pound

So, I begin writing a story
Tales of my life in lieu
What else is left to do?
its current word count - 2022

14 thoughts on “2022

  1. Hahaha – lovely! 😀
    A sense of humour (something you have in spades) can get is though all sorts of sh..tuff. 😉
    Tip for the day: be kind to dust. It’s the small things that count.
    Okay, I’ll shut up now.

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      • Yeah, a Spreadsheet. But I’ll tell you something for free: it not going to save the world (or anyone in it) anytime soon. Still, got to bring the bread to the table I suppose.
        That said, I’ve started running three times a week, I’m getting back to my blog and might even start writing stories sometime soon. I’m playing guitar again (I’ve taught myself to play and sing Shallow (from A Star is Born) this last week). Oh, and I’ve stopped reading books and listening to music. Gives me a lot more breathing space to get things done. What you doing with yourself GlitterGurl? 🙂

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      • Well done you. I’ve set myself a 15,000 word challenge which hopefully ties the last pieces of a memoir together.
        I’ve had so much time off now I’d hate to look back and think I could’ve spent time writing. I’m also listening to a fabulous lecture series online about archetypes and biblical stories – oh and there’s lots of wine drinking!

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      • Haha – the wine drinking sounds like fun. 😂 I haven’t had a drink for a long time, but I remember the feelings. I’m smiling as I type this.
        Yeah, the 2022 thing makes a little more sense now. I got the idea you were writing something, but this gives it context. Hope you’re able to put a motivating twist into what you write for the memoir. It’s not my place to tell you what to do (duh – obviously) but I gather that that’s what people like to read.
        I’ve been thinking about writing a love letter to death (not that I’m planning on meeting her any time soon). Anything in the archetypes that speaks to that?

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      • Without uni deadlines I don’t seem to be able to write more than 2000 words and that’s a lot for a blog post. I rarely write outside of the blog.

        I had a theme through degree and masters so continuing with that – not sure who exactly would be my ‘reader’ but it’s a cathartic piece of work and each time I’ve written longer pieces my style has improved – that’s good enough for me.

        I’m inhaling everything Jordan Peterson at the moment especially his take on Melville’s Moby Dick 🐋 Time for a reread think it will help me


      • Sounds like you’vr thought this out carefully and have made a good plan – well done. Just (ha, but it’s a big just) have to keep up there momentum really.
        I think (for what it’s worth to you) that despite yhisbbeing primarily for you as a means to cathart, it can be extremely helpful for others in the same situation to read. But for that to be so, you need a resolution to the situation you’re writing about. The way I understand it, people rarely want to read about someone struggling harsh though it may sound), they want to read about someone wbo has faced something and resolved it in some way (and there are lots of ways to resolve something without being physically ‘cured’. You only need to watch any event at the paralympics to see that.
        But listen to me talking out of my arse about stuff I have no to. I’m just a bloke who’s overcome nothing more affecting than a blister on my foot or a tendency to be quiet in groups.
        I’ll look up Jordan Peterson – thanks for the tip. 🙂

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    • Don’t believe everything you read would be my short answer to that.
      I’m trained as a journalist, as a literary reader and a writer – Try listening to him speak instead of someone else’s opinion or agenda

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      • 🙂 Well said.
        He interests me enough for me to want to read at least one of his books. I’m not that keen on watching YouTube but I’ll look for him on Ted Talks. I’m still wondering why you like him (though).
        Just walked past someone’s house on the way to the shops and there was a bloke stood in his front garden. I nodded to him and he smiled back and said “I love you darling, I love you darling”. I told him “thanks very much” and I walked on. It’s good to be loved, right?


      • We like our ‘celebrities’ or fake gurus to be perfect, no one is. This man offers another way of thinking by challenging. He doesn’t say believe me or what I believe, he offers you an opportunity to practice critical thinking. That’s what great minds do


      • I agree with all that you’re saying here. Sounds like he’s a great guy to have around if he can push someone outside of the envelope they’ve been living in, especially if that envelope has been sealed and posted to somewhere we don’t want to be.
        Yeah, I think I get it. He sounds cool. Easy to misunderstand; but cool at heart.
        I like this you. Assertive and positive about your choices.


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