Astro#2 Virgo Rising, Libra Sun

Welcome back to my astrology series where I look at the celestial houses and the area of personality they shape. As mentioned last week I have a life long interest in Astrology, astronomy and the esoteric and over the last few years I have delved deeper into this area to increase my knowledge.

We begin on the cusp of the first house. This is where the sun rose at the time of ones birth. Think of sunrise, of beginnings, of a brand new day.  This is your ascendant or rising sign. Each person will have a different sign and you need a birth chart to see your own twelve house wheel.

Think about what do you do in the mornings; do you plan, go with the flow or absentmindedly stumble through? Or think of your childhood. Childhood like the morning are the sunrises of life. What qualities from your childhood define you, which do you take with you? – this is where you will find your approach to life. 

Last week I shared with you that Mars and Aries rule the first house, that Mars is the God of War and Destruction and the house is concerned with selfish pursuits, ego and drive. I questioned what motivated me, what was my attitude to my self and which qualities would help me head confidently into my destiny?

I have Virgo the Virgin in my first house, the gentle princess of harvest. Virgo’s are diligent workers and born to serve as they rule routine and health. If I had to define the early part of my life then I would look back and agree.

Although I did not know it, my early twenties were about work and health. Like the Virgin I was not much fun, I had three jobs and worried constantly about my amenorrhea. I did not have a birth chart back then. I only knew that I was a Libra sun. The sun is in my second house so I will discuss this in more detail next week but this is the sign we all know. The sign we look for when consulting a horoscope.

Our sun sign is our outwardly personality and the goals we strive for with the rising sign how others perceive us with and who we will become. The first thing to notice on a birth chart are these two placements; we never see ourselves truly, ask a friend to describe you and they will probably list qualities from the sign in your first house.

I can pin point the moment when I began to use the qualities of the first house to achieve greater things. It were 2015, Mr K had left me and I got up one day and returned to work. Before this moment I had previously owned a beauty salon but was unemployed as I had recently undergone two surgeries. My salon was very successful but did not challenge me. Without my Fiancé and desperate for a job I returned to what I knew, the hair and beauty industry, but I questioned wether this were all I was capable of?

Owning a hair and beauty salon (or three business’) is an extremely Libra quality. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money, so being surrounded by women, products and other fabulous things appealed to me. However, over ten years I found my best quality (or most successful position) was when I were in charge of organising. I taught; I wrote for the industry press and I launched products but none of these took place inside my salon. In 2015 I found myself on the Strand working 50hrs a week – bored.

I took inventory of my life. I listed the qualities I am known for and left the industry behind and embraced a new career. My new role held Virgo values at its core – learning new things, working on projects and working hard to ensure the care and needs of society are met. Over the next five years I grew. I returned to study and perfected my routine. I did this quietly but this year, as Mars entered Aries something changed. I wanted more. I wanted recognition and reward. 

The first house asks us who we are and what will we become? For me I am no longer a child, I am almost middle aged, I have different goals; so if the twelve houses are the wheel of life I am somewhere around the eighth (the house of transformation) however, as I looked at the houses in preparation for this series I felt I had a good understanding of the first, second, tenth, sixth, twelfth and eighth in that order.

Life in not linear in terms of developing your personality and as discussed last week I am becoming more of the person I desire to be but I still have a long way to go. Hopefully by investigating the areas I am not so good at I will begin to understand what I can do to improve (improvement is another virgo quality!)

I hope you enjoyed my understanding of the first house. The houses themselves are pretty boring as it is the combination of your own placement and the house which brings the excitement. Next week we will look at the second house. It will be a short post. It will go something like; Libra is in my second house of value and possession ergo I spend all my money on beautiful things! Oh dear … until next week my friends.

~ Originally written on 20.03.2019 with 82 words now 922 Post 47/103 drafts  ~

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