The dreams on clarithomycin

I have a reoccurring infection and I require surgery. After two years of investigations I am now back on antibiotics. They have an extremely unpleasant side effect of changing my sense of taste and making me nauseous. To combat this I take regular sips of water so perhaps this partly explains the dream – perhaps…

During the early hours of Wednesday I fitfully slept and found myself in the dreamland crouched down on the floor cowering beneath a tall overweight man. I don’t know who he is or where I am. He scares me. He’s hurling abuse at me and pointing his finger. I have no idea what I did to annoy him or why he’s looming over me. Suddenly, he unzips his trousers and pisses all over me! It’s not a normal urination more a steady stream of liquid akin to that from a hose pipe. He walks off angrily leaving me on the wet floor. I am mortified. I am cold, soaked and disgusted. I get up and walk in my sodden clothes shamefully down the road.

Last night I dreamt that I was lost in a hotel. I traversed plush heavy carpeted staircases, stopping before ornate double doors. I knock and that is all I remember.

In the next dream I am cold. I am in my old car with a sleeping bag by my feet. SK gets in and we drive slowly down a hill. I tell him I do not want to sleep in the car, I’m cold. He tells me I will be fine, the bags will keep me warm. At the traffic lights a homeless man jumps in the back. “Hey guys can I sleep with you tonight?” SK agrees, I’m raging, I won’t be able to put my seat back and probably won’t get much sleep.

I see a hotel and tell SK that I need to freshen up before we sleep, it’s just before midnight. I go in and knock on the door of a suite (it’s not the same hotel or the same suite as the dream before) My American girlfriend answers “oh hey!” She seems to not notice my ragged clothes or gross hair. She lets me in. The suite is beautiful, less fancy than the hotel before but a decadent place to live. Her roommate is there and I explain that I need to use her loo. She waves me in with a manicured hand.

The bathroom is not fancy at all, it’s very basic. I hover over the toilet, missing the bowl and pee on the floor. Shocked and terrified my friends will know, I rush to clean it up. I grab bleach and wash her toilet and the floor. Next I soap my body and wash myself down. I’ve been ages about 45 minutes. I smooth my hair and open the door. The girls are chatting on their beds. I apologise and tell them that I fell asleep, I hope I haven’t kept them up. They’re cool. Not a problem. I thank them and say goodnight. They don’t realise I sleep in a car or if they do it doesn’t bother them. I walk slowly back to the car. I feel sorry for myself.

~ Maybe I simply needed to pee but didn’t want to get up as it’s cold in the early hours of the morning? Maybe I am ashamed and disgusted by my illness? These dreams fascinate me. So much imagery, so many symbols, incomprehensible emotions. Is this the side effects of the antibiotics, what can I expect tonight? ~

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