If you wait you will be rewarded

In the early hours of the morning I was promised a phone call by Marsh Mallo (some random bedroom DJ not the famous one). I tell him great things could happen if he calls me tomorrow. We laugh, yes, yes I will call he says. It’s now 22:33 and there won’t be a call.

I thought maybe just maybe this was going to turn out well because he seemed ok and I didn’t give in. I wanted to see if the best things really did come to those who could wait so I use that psychology test, the one with the marshmallows. Eat one now for instant gratification or get more marshmallows if you wait. The 1972 test showed that children that displayed resilience made better life choices, were more successful.

I explicitly set out the rules. Call tomorrow and you can have 2 Marshmallows, wait a few more days and the whole goodie cupboard is all yours. Like a child it hurts him and he begs for a taste of the first marshmallow. I remain firm, it’s time for bed.

At 03:33 I woke up and I smiled to myself. I check my phone and there is a message from him, he wants the marshmallow. I want it too but I can wait. Well played I think. You were funny, easy going and flirtatious. I wonder if he’s up to the test and decide he is. He was clever, talented and intriguing; surely he wants more than one marshmallow? I’m not quite sure but I don’t care. I stuck to my own rules and I put these rules in place to avoid being upset by being ghosted or ignored.

Unfortunately the children who ate the first marshmallow did average or less in all areas of life. I bet most of these were men, the same idiots you meet on dating sites who after five minutes of knowing you use your phone number to demand naked photos of you. Stay Strong. Marsh Mallo didn’t pass the test – shame – I take a deliciously sweet photo. Marsh Mallo you failed, what an idiot, you missed out.

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