My Marsh Mallo Test

Tests have to be fair. I personally neither care for marshmallows or pretzels, so if I were a child in this psychological test, I would’ve aced it. I wouldn’t eat the first marshmallow, I would wait. I did however want to have sex with Marsh Mallo on Friday but I thought it better to wait a few more days.

By making him wait I put myself back to the start. ‘Bang him’ Sarah says. ‘Forget about finding someone for forever, get someone for right now.’ Sarah is right. It is not everyday that you meet someone you can spend hours on the phone with and are sexually attracted to. Maybe he would still be around if he thought it were more casual? but it is too late now. I demanded a phone call and, as is standard with the awkward and sobering, read-through of the late night text messages the following morning; he got embarrassed and didn’t call.

After speaking to Sarah I take back my comments about Marsh Mallo. He didn’t fail his test, I failed mine, because I couldn’t give him a few days or wait to see what would happen. I wrote him off as if he were like everyone else. Where was my resilience?

Almost a week later and I am missing Marsh Mallo. He was going to make me a mixtape to listen to, we were going to spend some time together. I think about the marshmallow test and how if you wait you will be rewarded. Trust me I have waited. I know I am a great prize and I deserve to have some fun with a hot and sexy DJ. So, I pick up the phone and I call him, because good things also come to those that go after what they want!

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