Lots of dreams about death

Over the last few weeks, during a period of intense happiness, I dream that SK’s Father and my first boyfriend die. I dream I am kidnapped twice, trapped in buildings, and I also dream that I kiss a boy I once sat next to in school, who repulsed me as he had terrible halitosis.

Disturbing unresolved issues arise within me. They seep into my thoughts, make me question why I conjure such scenes whilst I sleep? I try to turn things around, I challenge and talk about that which scares me.

Last night, the first new moon of the year and every single planet is in a new position. Energies shifted within me as after two weeks of broken sleep, night terrors, confusion, insecurity and anxiety; I slept soundly.

After dreaming of death and decay, the first new moon of 2021 brought dreams of hope, dreams of joy and dreams of love. A new moon, a new year. Sleep well my friends

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