Sad Mouth #4

Last year when my umbilicus was bad, my back tooth also began to hurt. I made an appointment to visit my dentist who could not find anything irregular except for a tiny hole. This has happened a few times before over the years so I brushed it off as my mouth/teeth are my Achillies heel, flaring up at times of stress. It turns out I was massively infected and needed two courses of antibiotics for my umbilicus which cleared up the pain in my mouth.

Over the years I have severely neglected my oral health; clenching my jaw at night when stressed, being terrified of the dentist and having panic attacks through an extraction. So, last Friday, thinking I only needed a small filing, I returned anxiety-free and ready to overcome my fear of the dentist, but then something happened.

I had my eyes closed through the procedure as I always do but I could sense something going wrong. I was informed that the filing was in my back tooth and was quite hard to reach. The dental nurse jabbered on about her personal life and I could feel the dentist struggling. When it was over I tried to engage her in conversation. I chose her as I was a nervous patient and she is aware that I usually cry and whimper through my procedures. Today she was quick to dismiss me. She told me I may need pain killers once the anaesthetic wore off – wait! She doesn’t usually say this? I thanked her and walked out. As I entered the surgery my legs went from under me and I felt faint. The Practice Nurse told me to sit down and offered me water. I was embarrassed and disorientated.

I tapped out a quick message to Michelangelo and fished around in my handbag for my credit card. I wasn’t good but got up anyway. ‘Are you sure you are okay to leave?’ asked the Practice Nurse. I picked up my things and nodded. A few hours later as the anaesthetic wore off a ferocious pain took over the side of my face. The following day I was in agony and had to take a codeine which knocked me out all day and night.

Today is Wednesday. I am not working, I can barely open my mouth to speak and I must return tomorrow to have my tooth looked at. I am not sure if the pain in my mouth is setting off the pain in my ovary or if I am simply miserable. The sad saga continues …

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