The dreams in the horrible lost city

I hate this place. Over the years I’ve been brought here several times and it’s eerie silence scares me. On reflection it’s simply a derelict city full of giant buildings and marble carved statues.

Once I walked along a white marble road. I was high up and could only see the skyline; sand to the left of me, water to the right, a long endless white road ahead. I didn’t realise myself gradually inclining, the road rising, suddenly becoming aware I was standing on a giant torso. My heart races as I turn to see a white carved face. My tiny Lilliputian self standing on a solid Gulliver!

It gives me the heebie jeebies to even remember that dream. Then there was a time when I ran towards a marble wall only to look out onto a garden full of giant God heads and smashed bodies. Giant sculptures everywhere I looked. Deafening silence. Not a single stir. No bird, no breeze, no nothing. Me alone looking out across a lost city.

I woke up sweating. Just as I did a few days ago. This time I wasn’t alone, there were others, but had that same feeling of ominousness in the air.

People went about working. Oppressed. The statues were upright this time and buildings were a hundred feet tall. An army I can only describe as Storm Troupers stood armed everywhere. No one spoke. As I walked, dwarfed by the giant marble buildings I became scared. I’m not sure what it is I am afraid of but I hate these giant God statues and Greek architecture buildings. There is something really not right with this place and I am sure it is governed by an alien race.

I try to communicate with someone. I think I see someone I know. I walk towards the underground tube station but the Storm Troupers guard the entrance so I keep walking but I want to get away – the tall buildings scare me and I want to leave.

I walk past another giant building and I see people go inside. It is a government building. It has secrets inside. Secrets to oppress the people I am sure of it. I suddenly become aware that they take the people’s money to build giant structures to loom over them and display power. I hate this place. I am so scared yet I continue to walk as I do not know how to leave. I am as trapped as the others.

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