11.44 on a Saturday

I’m really drunk. It has definitely been a while since I was merry like this. I’m sipping my final gin. Earlier I took a day trip to Essex to celebrate my Mumsy’s birthday and meet up with Preeti. After brunch we sank a fine wine and tequila shots. I felt different, free almost, but with new boundaries as I crossed the water and returned back home.

Im happy. I’m not ready for bed yet, I’m still processing. Can you believe my life? I’m so happy. I did not realise it until now as I sit typing in the dark – I see how wonderful my life is.

Maybe you need to drunkenly ramble after a few drinks, maybe you need to get away for the day to gain perspective; whatever it is, I feel so grateful and blessed how my life has turned out.

I wish you a clarity and perspective on how fortunate you are, I wish you happiness and laughter too. Always have hope that it will be better.

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