White Isle Whispers

This is the third May that I stay home. To be fair this May and the last were during a lockdown so I couldn’t leave the country even if I wanted to, but still, being grounded and not visiting my favourite place takes it toll, and as we enter Gemini season I see how my mental health is impacted.

The Balearic island of Ibiza calls me home each year to salute the sun, dance freely and reflect on where I am going and how far I’ve come. Having travelled there for five years in a row I begin to appreciate this mid point of my birth year and how three years without it seem stifling to my creativity.

I am currently bouncing a few ideas around regarding the next six weeks, months and years. I am struggling to separate and prioritise; things I would naturally do on the beach as the water swirls around my toes. I am more confused than ever when trying to measure success or accomplishments – again, such natural thoughts as the sun sets each evening.

I miss my beautiful island. It whispers across to me and I hear it between the bird chirps and engine revolutions. I miss the peace, the brouhaha and I miss the me I am when there.

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