The dream with the citrine quartz

I am dreaming something miserable. I am walking alone, bereft, depressed in a grey world. I board a bus, it is going towards London. I see a snowflake from the window and as the bus turns a corner, glassy bright Christmas market lights. It is late but I alight and head to Fenwicks before it closes. I do not shop here and marvel over a selection of crystals, handmade soaps and trinkets outside the shop.

I see three beautiful pieces of citrine quartz. I adore citrine quartz and these are extremely vibrant. There are two pieces that interest me, a four inch pointed tower and a shorter piece that seems shattered from within. I pick it up and it breaks in two in my hand. It does not matter, it makes me happy and I know I will still buy it as is is lovely.

Looking across at the other crystals, smiling at how beautiful they are, I become aware of a middle aged white woman heading towards me. (I stress her race as she seems oppressive). The woman purposely bumps into me and tells me to move. She mumbles aggressively at me and threatens to report me for stealing!

Shocked I back away from the table, why would she say that? The shop assistant comes out to tell us that the store is closing, including the outdoor market (where we are), in fifteen minutes. The woman tells the shop assistant that I should be ‘removed’. She utters something racist and shoves me again! I go within as I usually do, what have I done to upset this woman, why is she annoyed with me, why has she looked at me and decided that she does not like me?

I shake my head abruptly. No! I refuse to let some WI reject speak to me like this. I step forward. I look squarely at the shop assistant and say clearly ‘if you remove me I will write to the head office and report you.’ I ask her what she believes I have done? I explain that I arrived here first, have items in my hand that I would like to purchase and that the woman beside me has physically assaulted me, racially slandered me and lied. Should she remove me and later check her CCTV camera, proving what I say is true, then I am sure that when I sue the company that they will relieve her of her duties.

The sales assistant apologises and asks the aggressive white woman if she had pushed me who looks down and mumbles that she had. I ask why and she says she wanted the crystal in my hand. Without consideration I give it to her. That is not what citrine quartz is about. It is for Joy, Abundance, Happiness and Manifesting your Dreams into Reality.

The woman smiles and thanks me. She tells me that she can tell I know lots about crystals, I do, I say nodding, I love them. A pleasant and informative discussion on crystals begins and I help her choose some pieces and everyone is happy.

~ I woke up confused. Why did my dream begin in the darkness, lonely and depressing? Why do I feel so repressed? In the end we both got what we wanted but it was a pointless struggle. I need to stand up for myself more. Thursday 10th dream ~

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