Roses & Abstract BodyArt

I dream I am setting up at a summer fete. we have a pitch that is quite far from the main attractions, slightly overgrown and weedy. It is both inside a shed and the open space in front – it is like a weird allotment space.

My Dad starts to tell me where things should go, my aunt is there, Michelangelo too. Sarah’s daughter is there with her cousin and they will take the money and stay with me after the others leave. It is a sunny day so we decide outside is best with a painted display and prices board of the face painting designs left on a small table inside.

Dad, Michelangelo and my Aunt start to erect the tent and it inflates as it is a bouncing castle. What, why!?! It gets moved outside.

I am stressed watching the Castle inflate and trying to paint a sign and instruct the girls on what to do. It’s noisy, messy and I have not arranged my kit.

Children begin to arrive, I’m rushing around. Why did I not paint the girls first? Why did I not make a sign beforehand? Why are my ‘helpers’ not helping and WHO knew the ‘tent’ which was supposed to provide shade for me was a bouncing castle??

I find water, arrange the kids into a line and am about to commence paint when a little boy asks me what I’m going to do. ‘Something abstract’ I say. He shakes his head. ‘No, I don’t want it’ he walks off and takes his brother with him. ‘Are you sure you do not want to see me paint someone first?’ They walk off.

My heart sinks but as I look at the line in front of me I know I’ll be fine. I’m excellent at painting roses and abstract pieces. Plus I’m here to practice and have fun. I get to it. The girls marvel at beautiful detailed work and the boys run off to show their friends.

At the end of the fete I count my money. I undercharge (to the annoyance of my Dad and Michelangelo) but I’ve made quite a bit so I am happy.

I sit with the sun on my face in a deck chair as the others tidy up around me. Sipping an ice cold drink i think ‘forget the kids, it’s all about the adults’

~ I am not putting this in the dream category as the message is clear. Yesterday I cried at work as I felt stifled and demotivated but I am such a creative and resourceful person, I took my bad day and channeled it into a delicious meal, making sauces from scratch. I then practiced my rose and abstract line work, there’s a rose on my wrist now. It’s a reminder that I have many talents, that I do not need to do what others do and yes, it is time to say goodbye to ‘the kids’ and youth work; it is time to work with adults. ~

Rose body art

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