Fear and Loathing in Virginia

For the last six weeks I have been glued to the Depp vs Heard Deformation Trial. It allows me to check out of my own life as I listen intently and consider how I would deal with the issues from both sides; putting my own problems on hold.

It is the end of the month so as usual my time to think and reflect is when the house is quiet, into the early hours of the morning. Music plays in the background, ice melts in the gin beside me. As I wrap up May what am I thinking of? Memories of navigating personal and professional obligations. Arguments, demands, stressors? It all pales when I remember the short trip to the white isle last week, a chance to unwind, talk softly and plan for the future.

I bring my distraction with me, listening to court from my sun lounger, as the trial dramatically unfolds. Listening to the horrendous account of a toxic marriage, I decide to put the Court TV stream away and open up about my recent struggles. We make a plan. We seem connected and on the same page. We work things out, as much as we can.

As a divorced couple fight it out for all to see, we work things out. Yes, we are very different, but we have fundamental, important similarities. We desire the same future and are happy in the reassuringly safe company of the other. A mutual respect, love and same vision of the future features in all we say. Confirmed, content, collaborating we link fingers as the Balearic breeze blows.

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