The dream about the big project

I am sacked from my job following a complaint by Chuck Norris. I am successful for a role as an event planner and not any event, the year end celebration. Chuck Norris’ band have been booked following a successive show last year. I tell him we will put aside our differences whilst working in this project. Several other staff are set to return, some who want to participate cannot. We work hard. I ask over and over ‘what’s my budget?’

The venue (Wembley) has an orbital platform high in the sky. I decide not to use it as I am afraid of heights opting instead for fireworks and confetti canons. Everyone is exited as the big day approaches. All details are inspected. One couple have divorced and their act suffers but the show must go on. I check table decorations, sample food and meet with the acts. We are ready to go.

A roaring cheer erupts at the start of the show, I run around helping the acts, ensuring we are on schedule and feel in my element. One of the big band sing goes wrong but the crowds are happy and seem not to notice.

I wake up signing ‘I will survive’ and feel a sense of achievement. I am ready for my next challenge.

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