The Big Interview

Thank you Sarah and Paul M for taking time to read my dream post. I don’t get much traffic these days as I’m rarely here. Life has changed for me and I’m unsure if this is this best platform to share and worse I’m unsure what exactly I should be sharing. I do however want to share some news. I have a BIG interview coming up, in fact I have two.

I applied for a senior position AND the manager position for the same project and was successful for both. I’m elated. One will showcase the skills I have and the other could really push me to gain new ones. I want the manager role.

Being selected for interview is enough. It tells me I am headed in the right direction and that my experiences have been recognised. I have two weeks to prepare but I’m not stressed, I’m not anxious. I’m going to be myself. I welcome feedback on areas I may need to improve on. I am focused. I believe I can do it. Yes it will be a stretch and challenge but that’s what you want from a new role.

Everything over the last seven years has led me to this place. I continue to learn about myself, to improve, to use past mistakes to be better. I feel the time is now.

You may know that my best friend died last October, my mentor, my guide, my love. In such a short time I learnt so much and although I constantly ask God why he is not here I remember what he taught me. How could he not be here to see this, to see all he taught me result in this opportunity. I thank God for my friend. A person who shaped my adult life and helped me see the real me; the person who gave me confidence to be totally me.

My big interview is at the end of the month. I dedicate my preparation to my friend and all the people who got me here. I may not be successful for either role but I will do my best.

I’ve struggled with this blog since 2020. What do I write, what do I report? I am so much more than my infertility, more than mental health and pain. I fell into a deep abyss but I have found my way out again. Life is still complex yet I understand myself better than ever. The big interview will be here soon. I have been dreaming of this – I am ready for this. Perhaps a new style of blog will follow, because who am I without my space to share my feelings.

To those who read this I am grateful, thank you. I hope the interviews are the beginning of something new. I send love to you and hope you can include me in your thoughts and prayers. After a long and painful seven years I desire excitement and achievement. I will work hard to make this dream come true.

Wishing you love and light x


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