After three surgeries, three big C scares and three years off I began to write.

Fem Feelings are everyday experiences of a female seeking to find balance and harmony within. I write to understand my thoughts, feelings and pain. I write honestly and openly.

Believe it or not it is ok to talk about periods, hormones, mental health and chronic pain. In my world it is NOT ok to feel like you are losing your grip on reality, have no one to turn to, or worse, nowhere to go. It is also not ok to lie in bed for days, weeks, or months wondering when the pain will end as your only comfort and best friend is a heated blanket or hot water bottle! Finally, it is definitely not ok to discriminate against those who do.

Thank you for stopping by

I wish you all Love & Light x




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi ibizagoldgirl,

    Thanks for taking the effort to recently follow my blog. Best of luck in your mission of sharing your perspective on life and health from a female perspective. Your experiences seem pretty powerful.

    If you want to share information or discussion on the topics of Mediation, Spirituality and Healing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve been involved in these worlds since 1991 and was born to help people grow. http://www.josephdrumheller.com

    Thanks again,


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