A new follower

Things are strange right now, its 02;38 and I am awake at my desk reading a new blog. Simone E is pregnant, what a wonderful experience; congratulations. Her blog is real and emotive, I read through the posts and I am happy for her triumphs. I am also happy with where I am and together we are both happy with our efforts at writing. Our attempts to capture difficult and complex experiences.

I kinda stopped writing in 2020, jotting down my weird and wonderful dreams as my life seemed suspended, on hold, as I waiting for God to direct me, and what a fabulous new path I am on.

Each day I grow more confident for the BIG interview. Did all rivers lead to this ocean? Was it my unwavering belief that my life would one day bear fruit have a part to play, or the realisation that not everyone or all situations are for you? I do not remember the exact day but one day I realised that motherhood was not for me, there was something else. Perhaps it was at the time that I helped my friend Anne through her miscarriages, I could not do that. I looked at women differently. Pregnancy was precious, fragile, heart-breaking.

I am standing on the precipice of greatness, new adventures spill out ahead of me, I have no idea which ones are for me. I look behind, at the pain, the learning and the character building and I know I am ready, I want this. I was born for this, whatever it is. Still confused as to who I am and what my contribution will be, I step forward anyway and jump.

BIG thing are on the way, for my new follower and I.


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